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*Disclaimer:  Due to copyrighting and trademarking our characters all 'inspired' by the theme and are not identical or the exact company trademarked character- this means there will be differences between our characters and the original ones* 

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Bespoke Party Packages

Introducing NEW

Teddy Tea Party! 

15% off with code Teddytea

Introducing NEW

Teddy Tea Party! 

15% off with code Teddytea

Our Belief


At Startopia we believe that being an entertainer isn't just a job, it's about bringing the excitement of imagination to children. Make-believe can be key to your child's positive development and allows them to experience new possibilities that the magic of

make- believe can bring.

All of our parties are packed full of fun, high energy and inclusive games, where they are taken on an adventure with our entertainers where their imaginations can be free.

Startopia bring more than just games, we bring the magic of entertainment and imagination!

Startopia's Teddy Tea Party!

Introducing our new Teddy Tea Party. Bring your toys and teddies over, for an indoor or outdoor picnic with personalized lunch boxes and lots of fun teddy games. Click the button below to learn more.

Meet one of Santa's very own Christmas Elves

Why not invite one of Santa's helpers to to visit with a gift and a personalized letter signed by Santa all the way from the north pole. To find out more, click the button below.