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*Disclaimer:  Due to copyrighting and trademark laws in the uk, the characters that we offer are 'inspired' by the originals and are not identical or a replica of the original trademarked characters. This means there will be differences between our characters and the original ones* 

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Bespoke Party Packages      and performing arts!

3rd-7th August 2020 10am-3pm

Startopia's Magical Theatre Camp 

Drama-Dance- Singing- Prop Crafting- Games- Disco- Outdoor adventure- Immersive Storytelling & much more!

ages 4-15

Our Belief


At Startopia we believe that being an entertainer isn't just a job, it's about bringing the excitement of imagination to children. Make-believe can be key to your child's positive development and allows them to experience new possibilities that the magic of

make- believe can bring.

All of our parties are packed full of fun, high energy and inclusive games, where they are taken on an adventure with our entertainers where their imaginations can be free.

Startopia bring more than just games, we bring the magic of entertainment and imagination!

Our Kids Party Entertainer Packages

Magical Parties for Magical Children

A little fairy dust, a touch of unicorn hair & big splash of Startopia Magic to make your party shine!