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Drama Workshops

Here at Startopia we believe education is important. Why not let Startopia bring some fun to back into learning with one of our unique drama workshops. Our aim is to keep children engaged and eager to learn. Drama is a great tool to help children interact and develop their skills. We offer a range of different workshops in nurseries, primary schools and in secondary schools. All of our workshops are uniquely designed to ca adapt and cater to any school topic. We use a range of drama techniques, role play and immersive theatre to develop problem solving skills, confidence and leadership.

Storytelling for Preschool & Nursery

End of term School Fun Days

Educational classroom Workshops 

Because Every Child's a Star!

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*Disclaimer:  Due to copyrighting and trademark laws in the uk, the characters that we offer are 'inspired' by the originals and are not identical or a replica of the original trademarked characters. This means there will be differences between our characters and the original ones*