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Terms and Conditions

As  a client of Startopia Entertainment ltd you confirm that you have read and fully understand the following Terms and Conditions on confidentiality, bookings, cancellations and payments:

If there is anything that you are unsure of or need clarifying please feel free to contact us on 07470720934. By booking a party with Startopia you agree to the following conditions and once your booking is confirmed you must abide by the following:​

  1. Bookings terms

* By booking a party with Startopia entertainment you the client agrees that there is a travel charge applicable to certain areas that are out of our area cover. If you are unsure as to whether your area involves a charge please contact us with your postcode. 


* It is required that the client is to provide appropriate free parking within 5 min walk to the venue. If there is no free parking the client agrees to pay full parking costs via invoice.


* The client agrees to pay any congestion charge costs that may occur when travelling within the central London area, which will be invoiced- if you are unsure, please email us on

*Startopia do not accept any form of bullying or violence. It is the performers right to take themselves out of any situation that they do not feel comfortable in or feel unsafe.


* Startopia Entertainment will not accept responsibility for any incidents that may occur at your event and it is required for safety purposes to have at least two adults present for the duration of the party. It is also agreed that your entertainer cannot be held responsible for any injury arising from the games and activities included in the party. We do hold PL insurance.


* Startopia Entertainment offer themed parties, however, these are purely a tribute to the original characters and theme. For trademarking and copyrighting purposes we do not supply completely original characters. By booking these characters the client accepts that these character's are not originals and their are some differences with the characters we supply for trademarking purposes. 

* Costumes may differ to the ones that are showcased on the website, as each entertainer has slightly different costumes however, every costume to the performers are supplied by Startopia Entertainment ltd and are of a high quality and standard. We do accept special requests, so if you require something specific please detail this when booking. We aren't able to guarantee that every request can be fulfilled. 

* Entertainment on the day- We always try our very best to accommodate every request, however, this is not always realistic. Many things can affect this during the party from extra requests, weather conditions, last min changes and certain activities taking longer than expected. For these reasons we can't guarantee that everything that has been requested will make it into the final plan, however, our entertainers will always make a conscious effort to accommodate this.

* All of our entertainers have a different performing style, this means that your entertainer may do something slightly different to someone else's, however, they are all fully capable of delivering a fun and professional party. Sometimes due to last minute requests or entertainers falling ill you may get a different entertainer than selected originally. They may have a different set of entertainment activities and tools, however, all our packages include, games, dancing, music and a whole lot of fun. You can request a specific entertainer, however, this cannot be guaranteed due to the high number of requests we get. 

* The Super Works guarantees Chantal as the entertainer. This means although Chantal does do some of the other packages, if a booking comes through for the Super Works, another entertainer will be sent as the replacement for the standard parties. 

* The client agrees that the entertainer is allowed to change activities if the venue is deemed unsafe or something is not working. 

* If there is no particular theme indicated by the client, then a standard Startopia Entertainment party with traditional entertainment and costumes will be carried out. 

* The client agrees to notify both the entertainer and Startopia Entertainment of any disabilities, allergies, phobias or injuries the children may have prior to the party.

* You as the client agree to allow us to share your personal details such as email address and number with your performer only for the purpose of the event.


* Once a booking has been confirmed, if you need to make any amendments  to the booking information such as, theme, activities, venue, timings and date will incur a £10 administration charge if this isn't done 2 weeks prior to the event. 

* By paying the Booking Fee to secure the booking you are agreeing to the terms and conditions on this page.




The party must run in accordance with the government’s current laws and guidelines (seen in link below). If the entertainer does not feel safe or that the laws/guidelines are not being adhered to, the entertainer will leave and there will be no refund. It is the parents’ responsibility to organise the children’s social distance and to help maintain the 2m distance between the children and the entertainer.




Park Parties (please read): Please note, It is the responsibility of the event organiser to arrange a meeting location at an entrance to the park at a set time and walk the entertainer into the party location. The entertainer will wait for 20 mins maximum if they can’t get a hold of the organiser on the phone. The entertainer is likely to be carrying lots of equipment and be in a costume, so we will not ‘search for the party.

Currently we have a completely healthy team who are committed to going ahead with bookings, however if you need to reschedule your party or entertainment due to the current pandemic we will completely understand!

Please ensure that you let us know in sufficient time so we can make arrangements to re-schedule your party date. Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds at this time as self employed performers, we are not entitled to any statutory sick pay for any work we lose! We hope you can understand and are happy for us to hold your deposit for another date when the current situation has improved!


* If an entertainer is unable to attend your event due to illness or personal issues, we will try our best to send you a replacement. Unfortunately some things can be out of our control, however, we will always try our best.

  2. Complaints/ Deposits and Cancellations/ refunds

* Startopia Entertainment Ltd enforces a non-refundable deposit/ booking fee unless we have to cancel the booking. Booking cancellations must be placed at least 7 days prior to the party date otherwise the full party fee will be required. 


* Legally for all services and purchases in the UK there is a 14 day cool off period from the date the booking is made. This means if cancelled for unavoidable reasons by yourself (the client) we (Startopia Entertainment) will issue a refund. However after this period has ended we are under no obligation to return the non-refundable deposit. 

* The client agrees that Startopia Entertainment shall not be liable to the client or be deemed to be in breach of the contract if there is delay in performing, failure to perform, illness or injury of the entertainer or if the delay or failure is due to any cause beyond Startopia Entertainment's control i,e- weather issues. Startopia Entertainment does not offer refund compensation, however, can offer a change of date if requested. 

* By booking with Startopia the client agrees that if they have an issue with your performer or party you MUST call us  (we wont accept emails) within the first 20-25 mins of the start time to let us know you are unhappy and would like the entertainer to leave. If we do not recieve a call within this timeframe, you are obliged to pay the remaining balance to your performance for the service they have provided, in this case the deposit fee is still NON-REFUNDABLE. This is also to protect our performers and the company from slander. 

* Our role is to supply entertainers to perform and entertain the children. It is not our position to take over the role of the parents and discipline the children. If the children are doing anything deemed unsafe or anything behavioural it is up to the parents or guardians to  take control of this situation as our entertainers do not have the ability to do this.  Our entertainers are there to 'entertain' or 'face paint' only are will not be taking on any other roles that they haven't been booked for. Ie- dealing with food, decorating the hall or anything else that is not part of their role. No refunds will be given for any of the above issues. 

* If an entertainer falls unwell or there is an emergency and they cannot attend we will let you know and will do our very best to find cover. If it's short notice (7 days or less) please bare in mind the plan may differ from your previous entertainer. By accepting the entertainer you accept this term and are therefore not entitled to withhold payment or request refunds on this basis. 

* We encourage feedback and will always try our very best to fully investigate any claim with proof provided. We are dedicated to make sure that both our clients and our entertainers are protected and will make sure that each claim is taken seriously. We do however have the right to and may take legal action against any form of false reviews or unpresidented claims against us or a performer in order to protected Startopia and our performers from slander. 



3. Liability and Health and Safety

* We do hold a valid Public Liability Insurance, however, you as the client agree that we (Startopia Entertainment) are not liable for any injury to yourself or guests if they misuse the equipment. This is a reason that children's must be supervised by adults and must not take any props or equipment that isnt given to them. We want to keep everyone safe. 

* Startopia's entertainers/ face painters/ balloon twisters only use high quality water based paints, safe glitter and body glue.It is the client's responsibility to confirm any allergies and let the entertainer know prior to the party. Startopia and your entertainer do not take any responsibility for any allergic reactions.

4. Safeguarding 

* We take safeguarding very seriously and for this reason if a performer feels anything is unsafe to continue they can make the decision to stop and change activity. 

* For safeguarding purposes it is one performer for up to 30 kids, if you have more than this then you MUST hire a assistant. If the performer arrives and there is more than 32 kids, it is at their descretion whether they choose not to perform as the safety of the children comes first. If the entertainer chooses to continue parents MUST be present to help take some control. 

  5. Breaches to contract

* Startopia Entertainment cannot be held in any way liable or responsible for the breach of contract on behalf of the client/ performer/ entertainer. If a party has been cancelled by the client or entertainer then no fee will be made to the entertainer.

* In undertaking the work and in the absence of communication, you are confirming that you have fully read and to be in agreement with the above Terms and Conditions stated.

**Please note that by booking your party or summer camp space and by paying a deposit you have agreed to these terms and conditions**

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