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Entertainer Terms and Conditions

All of our entertainers that provide party entertainment to Startopia Entertainment ltd confirm that they have read and fully understand the following Terms and Conditions on confidentiality, bookings, cancellations and payments:

If there is anything that you are unsure of or need clarifying please feel free to contact us on 07930894954. Once your booking is confirmed you must abide by the following:

  1. Confidentiality

In undertaking work with Startopia Entertainment, you will be sent information on the client including telephone number, email address and date of birth, which is a necessity in order to undertake the work successfully. You (the entertainer) agree to use this information only for the purpose of the booking and will under no exception use this information for personal or other business use, including, contacting the client or solicitation for other companies. This is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action being taken against you.

  2. Bookings

* You as the entertainer agree to refer all bookings or re-bookings and any enquiries from this event to Startopia Entertainment ltd ONLY.


* When undertaking work with Startopia Entertainment you must NOT self promote. You must NOT hand out any flyers or promote any company other than Startopia Entertainment. You are a representative of our company and must remain a representative for the duration of the event. This is inclusive of any photos or reviews received from the event and can only be used to promote Startopia Entertainment and no other company.


* Startopia Entertainment reserves the right to use any images, videos and recordings of the entertainer taken at events booked through Startopia Entertainment for the advertising and promotion of the agency through online sharing media/social media/website/printed material etc.


* You agree to participate in the activities stated on the booking form and must stay for the duration of the party.


* It is prohibited to smoke or drink alcoholic beverages/ take drugs at any of Startopia Entertainment events. As a result legal action may be taken against  you and your contract will be retracted.


* You confirm that you have a valid DBS and all the information you have given Startopia Entertainment is completely true.


* We do try to secure free parking, however, this is not always the case. In the event of parking you as the entertainer are responsible for your own travel and parking fees.

* The fee for the party is inclusive of all prop costs, travel fees and kit use, unless we have already agreed something different before the booking has been accepted by both parties.


* if a client asks you to stay later or leave earlier, you must call us first to confirm before you agree with the client.  

2a. Kits

* If we have supplied you with a kit, this is specifically for Startopia parties ONLY. Your kit should not be used for any other event undertaken by the contractor unless it has been booked through Startopia. By undertaking the booking you agree to this condition.  if this is breached by the performer/contractor we have the right to charge a £25 kit fee use which will be invoiced to you and must be paid within a week of receiving. If you do require to use your kit for a party that is not booked through startopia, you must first get permission by emailing

2b. Props 

*By taking a job with Startopia you agree that you are taking on the job as a contractor. This means unless agreed by both parties, and we have specified we provide a kit and costume  you are to provide your own props, games, speaker and costumes. We do provide some props and kits but this is agreed prior to you accepting the job. Your fee is inclusive of essential or extra props such as arts and crafts, pens, pencils, stickers, balloons, sweets, bubble liquid, toilet paper and whatever else you may require. The fee is also inclusive of travel expenses unless otherwise agreed. 

2c. Expenses

* The contractor agrees that Any expenses must be requested and agreed in writing to No UNAUTHORISED expenses will be valid.  To qualify for  reimbursement you must email and it must be approved by price and item. No extra travel or extra props will be reimbursed.  

 2d. Lateness/ No shows 

* At Startopia we take lateness and no shows very seriously. When you accept a booking with us, you agree to turn up at least 20 minutes early to ensure that you are in costume and fully set up ready to start on time. We don't accept any form of lateness unless there is a detrimental reason and this has been communicated to us and the client by telephone before the event (we wont accept emails or texts as valid explanation). Knowing as early as possible allows us to take specific  measures, whether it's communicating this with the client, changing the time (once agreed with client) or getting a replacement. We will deduct £20 from your fee for every half an hour that you arrive late (or don't start on time) from the original booking time. No shows will have full fee deducted and may result in a £50 fee as we usually need to them refund the client. This includes turning up after the party or after the agreed booking time even if you choose to stay or start after booking time and have not agreed this with us prior.  We do understand that there can be issues with public transport or traffic, however, for this reason the entertainer needs to plan their route accordingly and leave extra time in order to arrive with enough time to set up. 



3. Complaints and Cancellations

* Our booking contract is binding and should you need to cancel your contract, without offering a suitable replacement, there is a £50 cancellation fee made payable to Startopia Entertainment ltd. You agree to give Startopia Entertainment at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellations via telephone. We will not accept any cancellations via text or email.


* You agree to contact us directly if there are any issues and not try and contact the client separately. This is unprofessional and will result in your contract being retracted.


* If you are late for your booked event, meaning that the entertainment will start later than the original start time, then it is your responsibility to offer to the client to make up the lost time by entertaining beyond the agreed

Entertainment end time. It is the client’s decision whether to accept this offer or not. If the client does not accept this offer, then you will lose part of your fee. It is ultimately and always at Startopia Entertainments discretion on the amount of your fee that will deducted and this is worked out based on the refund back to the client.

* Client refunds and fee deductions:

If we get a complaint from a client regarding the service that the entertainer gave on the date of the event. We also try our best to understanding both sides before making any decisions. Sometimes clients ask for refunds, if this is the case.l, we will investigate the situation and try and offer a solution. However if on the rare occasion a client demands a refund, Startopia have the right to issue a full refund if needs be. If this is the case either the partial or full fee will be deducted from the entertainer if the reason for complaints is about the entertainer. 

*Costumes/ hair and makeup. Theme and costume type will always be put onto the booking form so the entertainer should plan their costume/ hair and makeup and props to fit this. 

 If a costume does not fit or if not appropriate for the event please let us know via telephone call as soon possible. This way we can try and rectify this before the event. If you do not let us know we will assume everything is ok and we can’t be liable for any issues with the costume the on the day. We expect all entertainers/ prformers to have an ironed costume, if wearing a wig the hair must be covered appropriately and hair and make up should be done to fit the character. This is a very important part of the event to make sure you are appropriately recreating the character. fee's will be deducted if not done properly. 

Princess Costumes- When portraying a princess or specific character you must arrive to an event in full costume, it spoils the. Children believe our princesses are real so it spoils the magic if a child see's a character without costume. Fees may be deducted if we feel it is appropriate to do so. 


5. Tax, NI and Payments

* You agree that your fee is inclusive of all expenses (except those that have been agreed to by the client and will be invoiced post the event), including holiday entitlements, travelling expenses to and from the venue, VAT, tax, N.I. etc and covers any payments whatsoever.


* You are not employed by Startopia Entertainment and are responsible for your completing your own accounting and payment of tax, VAT & National Insurance contributions.

  6. Liability and Health and Safety

* We do hold a valid Public Liability Insurance, however, you as the entertainer agree that we (Startopia Entertainment) are not liable for any broken props, loss or damage of props or costume or injury to yourself. You must provide you own Public Liability Insurance in order to be covered.

  7. Breaches to contract

* Startopia Entertainment cannot be held in any way liable or responsible for the breach of contract on behalf of the client/ performer/ entertainer. If a party has been cancelled by the client or entertainer then no fee will be made to the entertainer.

* In undertaking the work and in the absence of communication, you are confirming that you have fully read and to be in agreement with the above Terms and Conditions stated.

*please note updates to these terms may occur- please check regularly*


Latest update 25th February 2023. 

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